We’ll start by saying this isn’t like any fitness program you’ve ever tried before. See we like to do things a lil’ different, as you can probably already tell.

We said F* Excuses and more importantly F* the cookie cutter programs. We are not all the same. Our ambitions, goals, attributes, bodies all differ. However there’s one question we all ask – how the hell do we truly overcome our struggles… ➡️

If you’re sick of doing the same thing over and over again – this is for you.

If you want to be able to truly ENJOY the sweat life – this is for you.

If you’re fed up with making EXCUSES to reach your goals – THIS IS FOR YOU (amen!)

If you don’t want to feel like you’re just a number, hit it (the button below we’re talking about), don’t quit it.

Welcome to the F* Excuses Challenge.


28 days of 🔥 cals, growing strong, punching sh*t, throwing hi-🤚🏼’s, changing lives and 672 hours of MAKING A DAMN DIFFERENCE 💯


What you Get

  • unlimited🥊 Up to 7 group based training sessions per week with our ⭐️ trainers
  • ❤️ Your very own dedicated coach
  • 🔥 Online tracking, seminar and guides to kick you off
  • 🍏 Personal macro nutrient plan built specifically for you and your goals
  • 💬 Be a part of the support group, connect with our challengers and like-minded go-getters
  • 📘 F* Excuses mindset planner
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