Boxing at the core, but a whole lot more. Our high calorie burning BEATS. BOX. LIFT. RUN.™ method is infused into our 5 class types and will work you from head to toe!

Backed by science & proven to burn, tone, strengthen all in 45mins 🔥 Most importantly, it’s seriously contagious & fun! ☺️ Here’s how we break it down below ⬇️

1 Beats

The Vibe

Train your mind & body, develop a new sense of self-confidence & get ready for the endorphin after-party 🎉 . WARNING: As the beat drops 🎵 with our custom mixes of Biggie & Bey beneath our ‘selfie approved’ lighting 🚨, this workout is effortlessly addictive.

2 Box

Water Bags

Think traditional boxing fundamentals, but with a modern twist (Boxing that’s more fun than serious 🙌🏼). From your fighter stance, to learning the 6 punches, we’ll make sure you’re ready to rock-n-roll.

Explore the skills and drills of boxing. Our classes incorporate a combination of both shadowboxing and bag work. You’ll be working at your own pace on your own bag, but surrounded with the encouragement and energy of our ⭐️ trainers & fellow squad.

Fun fact: We’ve got our mitts 🥊 on the leading water Aqua Training Bag® in the industry. Our water filled 💧 bags take the punches so you don’t have to. Their low-impact and super fun!

3 Lift

Strength Deck

Our fave way to compliment your boxing moves. These rounds will have you working from head to toe 🔥.

The LIFT element of the workout involves challenging heavy-weight rounds, functional floor exercises & resistance training.

We utilise the F* IT ALL-IN-1 strength deck, which allows us to deliver a diverse workout, as the deck transforms from an aerobic/agility step, adjustable strength bench, plyo platform & more 🥵

4 Run

The Treads

“I run on the road long before I dance under the lights.” –Muhammad Ali

⚡️⚡️ Build endurance, stamina & speed. The RUN rounds, vary in duration, intensity & intervals. Like all components of the BEATS. BOX. LIFT. RUN.™ method, there are options to intensify or modify the roadwork.

Our curved air runner treadmills are a human powered curved treadmill and sled track designed to give you the ultimate training experience.

🌱 We’re also pretty excited to continually do our part for the planet 🌏 and minimise our footprint wherever we can.


The 5 classes, making F* IT the ultimate total-body sweat: BOOM, FULL AS F*, THE WALL, ROUNDUP & ALL SHOTS. Classes rotate 🔁 every week so there’s 0% chance of boredom or plateaus.

Our workout is backed by the science behind boxing and regarded as one of the most complete forms of exercise today. Muhammed Ali described this form of training as ‘the sweet science’… that it is Ali, that it is 👊🏽.

(🥊 *Gloves required for all classes except ROUND UP days)