Pick your poison

F*IT is Melbourne’s bespoke boxing-inspired studio. Offering classes that combine real boxing movement, strength and interval training, in a night club inspired environment.

We love the darkness for two reasons: 1. You get in the zone… no one cares about what the person next to them is doing 2. Our lights hit you in all the right places (they’re selfie-approved to show off on the ‘gram).

Whether you’re searching for a lean bod, toned abs or a mean uppercut, our group classes are created for all fitness levels and abilities.


(Progressive Circuit)
No boxing days. This hard hitting workout consists of full-body strength and cardio exercises. Set to an explosive playlist that powers you through progressive, relentless rounds 💥 Get ready to battle 'till you drop! Gloves and wraps not required.


(Bagwork + Abs)
K.O ✌🏻 goals with one workout: Get a kick-🍑 core and learn how to box like a pro. Fast paced & punch bag focused. You'll be dedicated a long bag for the entire session. Get ready to 'HIIT' some mean uppercuts. BOOM! Gloves and hand wraps required.

The Wall

(Roadwork + Groundwork + Shadowboxing)
A cardio-forward boxing workout with no bags ❌ This one-of-a-kind class will train you to move, look and feel like a champion. Power your way through roadwork, groundwork and shadowboxing. The lights are (extra) moody, the beat is booming... get ready for one hell of a sweaty experience that'll leave you gasping for more (air)! 🔥 Gloves and wraps not required.

All Shots

(Fullbody Circuit)
Circuit style class with boxing, cardio, abs and strength. Over x7 2min rounds, with 15 seconds rest... ding-ding! (theeen repeat!). Gloves and handwraps required.

Full as F*

(Strength + Boxing)
No run days. A blistering strength and conditioning workout ⚡️ 50:50 Split of high-intensity intervals, combining 50% strength training and 50% boxing. Gloves and handwraps required.